Testers - Wholesale Customers Only

Testers - Wholesale Customers Only

Do you need testers for your retail display? Order them here!

Testers are the best way to introduce your customers to Bella Des products, by letting customers try the products for themselves.

Discount testers: We offer our retailers a half priced tester (half of wholesale price) for many items, if you have ordered 6 or more of the item. If you have not ordered 6 of the same item, the tester will cost the full wholesale price. Testers come labeled as a "TESTER" and are ready to display in your shop. We do not offer testers for candles or soap.

Please read: Our website isn't capable of giving discounts for testers. Please order your testers on this page. If you have ordered 6 or more of the item you are buying a tester for, we will issue you are refund for half of its price. If you have not ordered 6 of the item, the tester will be the full wholesale price. Refunds are given after we receive your order and will not show up in your shopping cart. We will send you an invoice that shows the tester discounts when we ship your order. We are sorry for this inconvenience. We hope being able to offer discounted testers online will make it worth the extra trouble.

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