Displaying Bella Des Products in Your Store

Bella Des: Retail Display Tips

1. Change your displays regularly

The most important aspect of planning a display is the location, so move displays every month or so, and they will be refreshing to the eye of your repeat clients. This will also keep displays and products from getting stale and collecting dust.
Helpful Hint: A great location to keep continually reinventing and that always should be well stocked, is at the point of sale (the checkout area). By putting a little effort into the display to make sure that it is eye catching and then rotating the items that are in the display, you can take advantage of the time the shopper has to spend in that area.
Suggestions for Bella Des point of sale items:

  •  Lip Balms
  •  Lip Scrubs
  •  Travel Sized Lotions
  • Bar Soaps
  • Candle Tin

2. Be creative

Making a retail display pop doesn’t have to break the bank. Think of the product you’re trying to sell and the esthetics of your business.

Helpful Ideas:

  • Give them a little surprise; use a somewhat unrelated item as a fun prop. Because Bella Des products are botanically based, a modest silk or dried floral display, or small tray with dried fruits, spices, and herbs works perfectly.
  • Baskets or clear plastic containers instead of the boxes the products came in can add a visual level of organization and reduce clutter.
  • Take advantage of what your vendor has to offer. At Bella Des we have multiple different signs that can be used to add color as well as guide the client towards the right products for them, just send us an email or give us a call and we will send you what you need.

While adding a prop to every display is overkill, the possibilities should always be in the back of your mind.

3. Make sure your displays makes sense

Generally speaking, group items by product use, scent family, or complementary scents or colors –you’re looking for the one thing that makes it a group. By grouping your products in a comprehensive way; your retail displays can be your silent salesperson.

  • By Use: keeping the Bella Des facial care products displayed together based on skin type instead of keeping them organized by moisturizers, cleansers, toners, etc…. You are guiding the client towards the whole skin care regimen they will need for their skin.
  • By Scent Family: By displaying Bella Des body products by scent family (Lavender mint scrub goes by our lavender mint body butter and lavender mint hand lotion)
  • By Complementary Scents: By keeping your Bella candles together in groups of floral, fruity, spicy, and herbal you can create pops of color for throughout the display. Just make sure you have arranged them so their colorful labels are visible

4. Encourage people to experience the products

Testers are a must with beauty products. People want to feel the product against their skin, experience the smell, and look at the packaging and ingredient list. Displays are the most successful when your client is encouraged to interact with the product.. Don’t fear customer interaction with your goods; just make sure to straighten up regularly throughout the day.

5. Make sure your lighting highlights your display

 The easiest method of doing this is to adjust overhead lighting. But if you have a particularly dark area of the store to set up your display, with no way to highlight it from above, consider a small decorative lamp, this can not only provide the additional light but also act as a point of visual interest. Remember, proper lighting can make your merchandise seem wondrous.

6. Put tags on everything

You know how much you hate asking how much something is? Your customers are just like you, so make sure all of your stock is priced. No one wants to have to ask a clerk how much something costs.