Mosqui-No! Bug Spray - out of stock until spring
Mosqui-No! Bug Spray - out of stock until spring  Mosqui-No! Bug Spray - out of stock until spring 

Mosqui-No! Bug Spray - out of stock until spring

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Natural bug spray made with mosquito repelling essential oils and catnip extract. Studies show that catnip essential oil repels mosquitos as well or better than DEET.  We blend catnip with other essential oils that were designed by nature to repel bugs. Lemon eucalyptus, geranium, lemongrass, clove, and cedar essential oils combine to create a scent that smells great to us, but that bugs don't like.

Great for children or anyone who prefers a natural alternative to traditional chemical bug repellent.

Please note, this product has not been tested in a controlled study for its ability to repel mosquitoes or any other bug. It is not intended to prevent disease. We cannot guarantee its efficacy, however we do get good feedback about it from our customers.

A perfect product starts with the BEST ingredients!
Product Ingredients active ingredients: Lemon eucalyptus, Lemongrass, geranium, cedarwood, and catnip essential oils, eugenol isolated from clove, and nepetalactone isolated from catnip. other ingredients: purified water, glycerin, fractionated coconut oil, polysorbate 80 (food safe emulsifier), phenoxyethanol.
Lauren 20/06/2016

I'm so amazed by this spray because it is the ONLY thing I have EVER found to work on those painful horse fly bites. The flies will still circle and dive bomb at my head but never actually bite. Amazing they would even bite through 100% deet spray yet not through this all natural spray! Only downside I can go through it really fast on hot days because it sweats off very easily.

Cordelia 15/07/2014

Smells wonderful and works like a charm!

Nichole 05/06/2012

This product is amazing, not only do I feel much safer using a natural insect repellant on myself, but it feels great to use the Mosqui-No! on my children and not having to worry about the terrible chemicals used in so many other products. It smells good, is not sticky, and even helps keep the bugs (including ticks!) off our family dog as well!

Julia 05/06/2012

All natural - and it WORKS! - Worth every penny PLUS.

Margaret W. 10/09/2011

Wonderful to spray on your arms, neck and legs to keep away the bugs. Seems to keep away the gnats and flies as well as mosquitoes.

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