Product Reviews

We value and appreciate your opinions about our products. We love hearing your feedback, and your reviews help other customers select new products to try.

To thank you for writing a review, we will add 25 points to your account for each review you write (up to 100 points total)! You can redeem your reward points for $ off your purchases.

Here is how to write a review:

1. Go to the product you want to review

2. Select the "Reviews" tab above the product description

3. Enter your name, your review, and a rating

4. Let us know you are a human by selectiing "I am not a rebot" and verify by choosing the correct pictures.

5. Send us an email (contact us) to let us know you wrote a review. Your reviews are independent of your account, so we won't know for sure who wrote a review unless you tell us.

6. We will add your points to your account in about 24 hours.

We really do value all types of feedback, even if you don't like something, we like hearing about that too. If you ever have a problem with a product, please let us know.